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The Parent Portal Mobile Application by Ed-admin is intended for use by the parents or sponsors of institutions that use Ed-admin as their Educational Management Software. 

This mobile application is an extension of Ed-admin, which is a browser-based software application that streamlines and simplifies education management, integrating administrative, teaching and learning tasks into one user-friendly, custom-designed database that meets the needs of all educational establishments. Ed-admin was designed and developed by a core team of specialists in education, education managers and software developers to provide a versatile system that is flexible and customised to develop with growing needs, able to integrate into a corporate environment and suit a range of education establishments.

You are able to view the following details pertaining to your child via the mobile application:

  • Daily attendance – did your child really go to the institution today? 
  • Academic assessment scores – keep track of your child’s academic progress.
  • Activities management – never miss your child’s sports matches as the application gives you information pertaining to their extracurricular activities at a glance.
  • Learner Behaviour Management – merits and demerits accumulated at the institution.
  • Published report cards – end of term or semester report cards are available on the application.
  • News items – information and articles of interest, that the institution deems pertinent to the well-being of the students.
  • Notifications – can be published and viewed on the mobile application. Easy access like this means that you are kept in the loop on events and activities happening at the institution.
  • Documentation – any documents that the institution wishes to make available to parents and students can be uploaded by the institution onto the mobile application for the parent to view.
  • Calendar – view your child’s daily schedule and know his/her whereabouts while at the institution. The Calendar also allows you to see any events and activities of interest to you that is happening at the institution which you may wish to attend.
  • Contact Information – you are able to update details pertaining to you and your child.
  • Financial – Keep abreast of your finances by also viewing statements that have been published to the portals so that you are able to make arrangements to pay institution fees and other amounts that are outstanding to the institution. 
  • Directory – view the contact information of staff members that are directly involved in your child’s education.

This world-class mobile application is able to integrate seamlessly with the web version of Ed-admin and the Parent Portal, thereby ensuring that when you update your contact details and information pertaining to your child, it is kept current. The mobile application synchronises with the institution’s web-based interfaces and updates the information in real-time, thus allowing for a truly mobile experience.

Ed-admin has made the communication channels between you and your institution a lot easier and accessible, thus living up to its name of being powerful and intuitive and delivering an outstanding all-in-one system for educational institutions. The fundamental goal of Ed-admin is to ensure ease of use for all who use it: managers, teachers, parents and students alike.

To get more information about this Mobile APP please contact your institution directly.  

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Ed-admin Product Development