Ed-admin Email Service

Send email securely, globally, and at scale

The Ed-admin Email Service (EES) is an email delivery system tailored especially for educational organizations. Using Amazon SES. Our secure, flexible, and scalable email service enables you to send mass email, including, for example, transactional or marketing emails, easily through the Communications Module.



One of the major challenges of Educational institutions is protecting staff and students from cybersecurity attacks - which are increasing significantly and becoming much more sophisticated. Email is the most common vector for online security threats.

On average, 30% of users in the education industry have fallen for phishing emails, and 87% of educational establishments have experienced at least one successful cyberattack.

Impact Networking

Examples of Security Breaches in Educational Institutions

The Institutions’ email addresses can get hacked usually through a phishing attack or because of the saved passwords on devices.

Once hacked, scammers typically send parents an email, on behalf of the Institution, giving them payment details for school fees, saying these have changed. Therefore, payments will be channelled through the hacker’s account. They also set up automatic rules so responses from parents requesting confirmation of authenticity get diverted to the hackers, so the school does not see them.

How EES Protects Your Messaging

The Ed-admin Email Service uses Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES), a flexible and highly scalable email sending and receiving service that provides the option to store messages encrypted.

In addition, the Amazon SES scans all emails that contain attachments to check for viruses and other malicious content. It uses block lists to prevent mail from known spammers from entering the system in the first place.


Higher Speed

Experience higher delivery speeds, where you can send up to 5000 emails per hour. This is 20 times faster than usual

Send messages efficiently

You can receive email bounce reports, helping you to measure the effectiveness of each email outreach, quickly rectifying any delivery issues.



It is cost-effective in that you do not have to maintain an internal email server, or use a third-party email service for your bulk email.

Free up the hosting service

And, finally, because emails are delivered outside of your normal hosting environment - by EES - you can expect to get better site performance.

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